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KonzertGut history

Concerts from 2016 to 2021

Here you can find out which musicians* and ensembles have already performed within the KonzertGut concert series since 2016.
This is an important stage in the career of every musician and ensemble.


Avin Trio (June 20th )
Duo Dascalu - Rudi (July 4th)
Ensemble Caladrius (July 11th)
Alinde Quartett (July 18th)
Duo Blido - Takai (September 5th)
Marsyas Baroque (September 19th)
Duo Krimmel - Heide (September 24th)
Solistenensemble D'Accord (September 25th)
Notos Quartett (September 27th)
Duo Grether - Rudi (October 3rd)
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Marmen Quartet (September 13th)
Haiou Zhang (September 25th)
The Twiolins (October 4th)
Javus Quartet (6 May 2021) postponed
Eliot Quartet  (20 May 2021) postponed
horntrio Tillmann Höfs (27 May 2021) postponed
Ensemble Ambra (2 June 2021) postponed
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Xenon Quartett (March 17th) | Silke Aichhorn (May 5th)
trio unico (May 26th) | Trio d'Iroise (August 18th)
Quartet Gerhard (September 15th)
Phacelia Ensemble (September 29th)
Ensemble Asterion (October 20th)
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Monet Bläserquintett (March 18th) | Haiou Zhang (April 15th)
Duo Amaris (May 6th) | Trio Adorno (August 19th)
Trio Aurich-Lipp-Szabó (September 16th)
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Aris Quartett (March 18th)
Duo Plath-Blettenberg (April 30th)
Duo Arnholdt-Redžić (August 20th)
Trio Céleste (September 17th)
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Trio Concertini (June 19th) | Duo Hecker (September 24th)
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