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Concerts at the KonzertGut

Ten Chamber Concerts | 27 March - 5 November 2022
The new programme is published in October 2021
Classical, Romantic, Contemporary and Chanson.
"Braunschweig region home to the finest music"

Guiding principle:
The KonzertGut is dedicated to the promotion of young musicians of international competitions, who are at the beginning of a professional career.
The focus is also on a new series called "Blind Date", in which musicians who have never played together before meet and celebrate their debut at this concert.

Discover young talents!

Coming soon:

Duo Waysfeld - De Chassy
is being rescheduled, new date soon
Noëmi Waysfeld alto/ vocals
Guillaume De Chassy piano

Gyldfeldt Quartett
Opening concert

27 03 2022
August Gyldfeldt Magnusson violin
Jonas Reinhold violin
Sarah Praetorius viola
Anna Herrmann cello

Gyldfeldt Quartett © Jörg Singer
Gyldfeldt Quartett © Jörg Singer

Ensembles/ Soloists

Gyldfeldt Quartett
Duo Villanueva-Dumont
Trio Marvin
Anna Zassimova
Duo Halnan-Aichhorn

Noëmi Waysfeld © Manuel Braun
Noëmi Waysfeld © Manuel Braun

Song recitals

Duo Waysfeld-De Chassy
Duo Sperling-Rudi
Duo Viñuela-Rapado
Duo Grahl-Hornig
Duo Friedli-Alex
St. Johannis-Kirche
St. Johannis-Kirche


St. Johannis Church Wolfenbüttel


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Alexander Neef


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